6.5L Multifunctional Ultrasonic Cleaner


Model No.: DK-600FTS


Die casting stainless steel tank
Industrial grade integrated circuit
0-100ºC temperature range
1 sec-99 min 59 secs or always on
LCD screen and power adjustable
Power cut memory function
Deawaxing and degreasing function
Degas, pulse, power and turbo sweep working mode
Auto stand-by, sleep, and wake-up by one key-press mode
Digital controller of high-precision and a long service-life


Multifunctional ultrasonic cleaners are suitable to clean irregular and complex specialized instruments,components and PCBs of sundry shops, workshops, factories, etc; smash, emulsify, scatter, hydrolyze, extract, degas certain analyzed stuffs in labs.

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Model No. Tank Size(mm) Overall Size(mm) Capacity(L) Frequency(KHz) Ultrasonic Power(W) Heating Power(W) Timing(min) Temp(ºC)
DK-600FTS 300*155*150 330*180*357 6.5 28/40/68 0~180 300 00:01~99:59/Always On 0-100ºC
DK-1000FTS 300*240*150 330*270*357 10 28/40/68 0~240 300 00:01~99:59/Always On 0-100ºC
DK-1400FTS 300*240*200 330*270*380 14 28/40/68 0~300 400 00:01~99:59/Always On 0-100ºC
DK-1500FTS 330*300*150 360*330*357 15 28/40/68 0~360 400 00:01~99:59/Always On 0-100ºC
DK-1900FTS 330*300*200 360*330*380 19 28/40/68 0~480 500 00:01~99:59/Always On 0-100ºC
DK-2200FTS 500*300*150 500*330*357 22 28/40/68 0~480 500 00:01~99:59/Always On 0-100ºC
DK-3000FTS 500*300*200 550*330*407 30 28/40/68 0~600 500 00:01~99:59/Always On 0-100ºC

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  1. Do you have an ultrasonic cleaning machine that can use paint thinner as the cleaning solution? This is in order to clean paint sprayer guns.

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