0~900W Submersible Ultrasonic Transducer


Model No.: DK-1810P


Customized size and shape
SUS 304 stainless steel plate
Industrial grade integrated circuit
1-999 minutes working time
Power adjustable
28KHz for gross rinse or 40KHz for intensive rinse
Digital controller of high-precision and a long service-life


Submersible ultrasonic cleaners are suitable to clean irregular, complex, big specialized instruments, components and PCBs of sundry shops, workshops, factories, etc;

We also have other series products, such as:


Model No. Minimum  Size(mm) Quantity of transducer Frequency(KHz) Ultrasonic Power(W) Timing(min)
DK-1210P 355*300*100 12 28/40 0~600 1~99.9/Always On
DK-1810P 406*300*100 18 28/40 0~900 1~99.9/Always On
DK-2410P 600*300*100 24 28/40 0~1200 1~99.9/Always On
DK-3610P 750*350*100 36 28/40 0~1800 1~99.9/Always On
DK-4810P 1000*400*100 48 28/40 0~2400 1~99.9/Always On

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